The Best Business Photograph Ever Taken Of You

Studies show that 93% of today's employers evaluate your LinkedIn profile prior to making a hiring decision. This means that to give yourself the best possible chance, you must ensure that your photograph is as impressive as it can possibly be.
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A Photograph Like No Other

Most business photographs are a result of "churn-and-burn" style operations which, inevitably, involve a series of compromises. While these may be considered acceptable by those applying for junior-level roles, brands of senior business professionals demand a highly personalised, handcrafted and uncompromising approach.

Your Brand Is Precious. Never Settle

An ordinary, amateurish or otherwise inappropriate photograph is not only a missed opportunity to attract the right kind of attention. It can also a be a reason for being disqualified from being in the running for a senior job opportunity
However, a world-class business portrait which clearly, confidently and professionally showcases your brand will pay dividends for years to come. It will open doors for you and will give you a peace of mind that your online presentation is one of your key professional assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you have some questions? Find answers below!
I dislike being photographed.
That's completely understandable. Don't worry – you're not alone. Most people, including photographers themselves, experience unease as soon as they find themselves in front a camera. Our photographer has over two decades of experience, which means is able to help people at all levels feel comfortable in front of his camera, so they come away with not just a great headshot, but a fantastic photoshoot experience.
The price seems quite steep. Why?
You wouldn't walk into a networking function wearing a100 eur suit, so why mingle with your LinkedIn network wearing a100 eur headshot? In the photography industry you do get what you pay for. Many people who call themselves photographers are mere button pushers – and rely on camera's limited intelligence to produce mass-market, generic photographs. At Aria Hope Careers, it takes a team of professionals comprised of men and women who are individually at the top of their game to produce your business portrait.
Where is your studio located?
We have a broad network of professional contractors in many European Cities. You can expect your session to last for approximately 1.5 hours.
Will I have an opportunity to get changed?
Yes. We provide you with a comfortable and private environment to get changed. We also provide you with kitchenette facilities as well as bathrooms for male and female use.
I'm a man. Is make-up really necessary?
In popular culture, make-up is traditionally associated with femininity (and, more specifically, the act of emphasising it). However, in the context of professional photography (as well as TV and film), make-up plays a different role. Camera lenses have a tendency to unnaturally emphasise certain facial features and the role of make-up is to pre-emptively off-set for those anomalies. In cases of both men and women, the amount of make-up we apply is minimal. And men, you can rest assured that the make-up will not be noticeable in your photographs.
What usually happens on the day of the photoshoot?
We generally shoot a handful of different looks for our clients during the session. Some will be more formal, others more relaxed. Shooting a range of looks over the course of the session allows us to get a variety of shots for your use.
Part of our process is to review the session with you as you go. Periodically we will pause the shoot and invite you to provide feedback on the photographs that we have produced; this allows us to course-correct and, ultimately, ensure that you end up with a portfolio of photographs that you love.
When will my images be ready?
After your photoshoot your images are sent to our Senior Digital Editor for retouching and processing. Next, they are personally checked and signed off on by a member of Arielle's senior leadership team. Immediately after this final check is complete, you'll receive an email which will notify you that your photographs are ready for you to view – usually 10 days after your photoshoot date.
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