Advanced Job Interview Coaching For Senior Business Leaders

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Be Bulletproof In Your Next Job Interview

Position yourself as the standout candidate by conveying your personal value proposition and showcasing your achievements
Be Confident In Your Answers
Know exactly what to say – and not to say – during the toughest of job interviews.
Ensure The Panel Remembers You
For all the right reasons, that is. Confidently stand out in a market saturated with quality candidates.
Make A Powerful Impression
Impress the pickiest of recruiters by clearly articulating why you're the best person for the job.

Why Do You Need Interview Coaching?

Because when you get invited to interview for your dream role, you want to walk into the room feeling like nothing can rattle you. That you can provide the best possible answer to any question which might be thrown at you.

5 Essential Skills

For Job Interview Success
Effective Storytelling
You must align each of your career moves into a cohesive narrative, where each role and various points of interest are used to their advantage in representing you. You must create action, scenes and characters.
Assertive Demenour
You need to be relaxed, without coming across as blasé. Assertiveness and approachability are key.
Effortless Communication
You need to anticipate typical interview questions, however your responses should not seem rehearsed.
Clear Value Proposition
You must speak to the needs of business decision makers and position yourself as someone who understands their commercial realities and can solve their deepest problems.
Listening Ability
Most importantly, you must always listen for concerns that exist in the background, behind your interviewer's questions. The interviewer must leave the interview feeling like you have a deep grasp of his/her business challenges.

Take Your Interview Performance
To The Next Level

Our job interview coaching is designed specifically for candidates who are seeking management and executive roles. Typically, two 1-hour coaching sessions are required to fully prepare you for your next round of job interviews.
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